Content Staging & Syndication
for Drupal

Create content once and use it anywhere.

Content Staging

Safely prepare your content in private.

Did you realize that in Drupal, a file becomes public the moment it’s uploaded? While this might seem like a minor technical detail, it can lead to major issues, especially for publicly traded companies. Imagine your editors uploading sensitive documents, such as earnings reports. These are time-sensitive and confidential files that should never be prematurely exposed.

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When Is A File Published?

Content Distribution / Syndication

Roll out content across any number of sites.

Create your content once and make it available everywhere. Push content and media items at any of your sites to publish them on any targeted remote site automatically.
All your content can be updated and deleted centrally. Content Sync saves the stress of time-consuming and fragile copy and paste of content and makes sure data duplication belongs to the past.

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Update Dashboard

Content Pools / Repositories

Provide your Content and Media assets in a central pool.

Connect any of your sites to a Content Pool where you can push your content and media items to. Allow editors from other sites import that content with the click of a button. Each content item comes with a preview and link to the source site that makes it easy to identify and select, ideal for content teams that work more autonomously. Editors can also customize the content they pulled into their site.

Content Pools Example

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