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Content Quality predicts Site Value

The quality of your content directly influences the trustworthiness of your site. Providing content that is either incomplete or incorrect will not only make visitors lose interest but will also decrease your chance of them ever returning to your site. The more you rely on a high number of recurring visitors and your brand value, the higher your standards for quality are. Content Sync helps you meet that demand by allowing you to prepare content on a private staging site where all your editorial review processes can take place before your content is visible to the public eye.

Using Content Syndication you can even distribute changes across any number of sites.

Content Milestones

While many times you will only need to publish individual sites or articles you will sometimes face changes that influence many sites at once. Facing the challenge of updating a lot of content without making errors may seem stressful at the beginning. However, breaking it down to smaller steps will allow you to keep control. Editing your content on a private stage instance and allowing other editors to review it will ensure your changes match the desired result. Pushing all these changes at once to your live site will make sure that no visitor sees contradicting information on different sites.

Focus on your Core Business

The higher the value of you site and band, the more time you spend managing it and keeping it up-to-date. Having to rely on unsophisticated tools or even manual update processes for content will only distract you from focusing on your core business value. Using the right tools will allow you to provide a much higher business value with less stress.

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